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Everyone from meme creators to CEOs need to capture on-screen images and sometimes video to deliver messages or share information. Snigat has been the face of screen capture for some time, but Eshampo offers a serious alternative to Snap 11. Like the Editors` Choice Award-winning Snigat, Snap allows Windows users to capture, interpret, edit and publish images, and new features enhance the utility`s video capabilities. Ashampoo Snap 11 is a powerful app, but stability issues prevent it from being a top pick.

If you only need basic screen capture features, free Windows Snap and Sketch is a good option. Snap lacks advanced features, such as GIF creation, Wi-Fi sync, or any type of video recording. Still, it will work in a snap if you need to take pictures every now and then. The screen also offers a highly capable free version with cast o matic screen capture and video recording features. You can upgrade to Deluxe Tires (GIF creation, green screen filters, and more) for 1.65 per month.

Previously, you had to go through the extra step of clicking on whatever you wanted to catch. But now, like Snagtap Snap automatically captures the screen when you release the left mouse button .Doing less is a good thing. Of course, if you don`t need to capture a specific area, you can just tap the PrtSc key to capture the entire screen. Some tools allow you to resize the capture area before committing to capture.

Unfortunately, Snap still has some technical issues. During our recent testing, the app didn`t freeze as much as it did in the past. However, we did have occasional hesitations, and sometimes we couldn`t catch anything until we restarted the app. Problems weren`t enough for us not to recommend the app, but they should be noted. Snigat, on the other hand, is not locked once during our tests.

In contrast, the latest version of Snap continues to work on the repetitive powers of the past and further polishes it. You still have a lot of video focused features, including timed video capture and live video editing. The latter is quite impressive, as it allows you to interpret videos while recording them, which reduces post-processing work. Snap supports 4K resolution in a slightly more reliable way than Snag.

Snap`s OCR technology gives you another easy way to capture content. Suppose there is text on a web page that you want to capture, but multiple images on the page make it difficult to capture the text. If you enable OCR mode (which supports English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and now Japanese), Snap scans the page, pulls out images, and lets you capture Provides clear text for Snap processes web pages with impressive speed. Snagget now offers this feature as well, but Snap has a slight advantage when it comes to supporting multiple languages.