Easily manage and control discovery with the help of arkuda digital

Arkuda provides a digital media network solution toolkit. Based on our Media Network SDK, we`ve developed a number of applications that are the key to sharing, streaming, and controlling media content such as photos, videos, and audio within any local network on your phone or tablet. Enable you to work as .We wanted to find a beautiful solution for smart devices that implement the concept of content sharing. It had to be simple, fast, easy and beautiful. If you are looking for something and you are not happy with the current tools, then you need to make your own. So, we made our request, and it was the only way to make our dream come true.

Arkuda Digital is fast becoming a household name for new technologies. Our goal is to offer solutions to specific technical issues you may never have known about. We market wireless media solutions to consumer electronics ODM / OEMs, cable and telecom operators, as well as IPTV and STB solution providers and consumers. Our SDK Media Network allows you to organize, control and playback multimedia content on a variety of digital electronic devices, and retrieve Internet media. It is specifically engineered and programmed to meet the demands of software application producers as well as embedded software developers for networked UPnP / DLNA / Allshare devices.

Of course, the key to success is a happy customer. We are passionate about our customers, and the fact that they are enjoying our products is very important to us .Today we have over 2.5 million installations of our applications on Apple`s App Store and Google Play Marketplace .We`ve launched B2B projects with many Fortune 500 companies in different parts of the world, and we`re constantly updating our software to meet the growing demands of the Internet world. However, all this is not a sign for us. We have future estimates and are constantly preparing for the future demands of products and digital solutions.

We don`t let praise come to our heads. We believe that it is better not to give too much credit when the time is good and not to blame yourself too much when the time is bad. We have some suggestions.

First, a startup is a business, not a hobby. It`s good to share knowledge and experience, but you shouldn`t spend too much time .The goal of a startup is to become a successful business rather than an investment. Be prepared to work really hard all the time .Concerns do not mean the company does not have a vision. Each company faces challenges in its own way. Learn lessons and move towards your goals. Don`t give up and believe in yourself.

Arkuda Digital offers the possibility to create products that affect the lives of many people, challenge yourself .We need people who can meet the challenge that we bring to the table and offer solutions to various problems. We are always looking for talented people to join our team. And we believe that our team is one that will be easily welcomed by anyone because we create a healthy and vibrant working environment with a flexible timetable.