Clothes made by Jail Sander for women

An intense tension between opponents explained the overall concept behind Jil Sander`s Spring 2022 collection, which marked the return of the brand to physical shows. The show took place in a kind of tunnel-like interior space, long and narrow, covered with a lilac carpet and illuminated by a delicate light in the same palette. Vibe felt cocooning and calm. As he said during a meeting, a few days before their show in the company`s showroom, Lucy and Luke Meyer moved their minds forward, looking forward to the future. Imagine a lineup.

In terms of fashion, this resulted in a multi-faceted wardrobe that felt both chic and selective. It started with a bunch of tailored outfits, including open, sharply cut blazers in beautiful shades of pink, peach and mint green, then turned to a more elegant femininity. The shirts were embellished with charming scarf collars, the top was marked with elaborate patterns and ornaments, and a touch of wild playfulness was introduced through a coat embellished with a lion pattern. Was and it was decorated with tassels.

Playing with textures, the designers combined the flow of beautiful silk dresses with the fur-like effect of the set in a charming pink shade. The stripes added a summary vibe to the silk set, worn with an integrated fringed scarf and long polo shirts with slightly retro vibe with prominent graphic patterns.

As a response to Tailoring, the show ended with a range of large organza gowns embroidered with Maxi Paisley shapes, interpreted with glamor mayors, and intermittently with glittering sequins. Designers enhanced the sweet, romantic style by folding the hem of the jeans over the dyed jeans.

Mayors seem to be stepping out of their comfort zone this season, adding a new fun, cool and sometimes flashy layer to their otherwise unique beauty all in new vibrant colors. After all, who doesn`t want to think about a bright future.

But there was a clinical undertone in this collection that demonstrated our current crisis. Long gloves may have been operatic about them, but they were made in lineless leather and medical pastels that easily gave birth to our epidemic reality. Similarly, vegan leather pants artificially create a surgical mood on the skin. Someone said, ah you`re putting on gloves because you don`t want to touch anything right now and I was just like I think Luke reflected, crediting my subconscious with this unconscious dangerous character who eventually Found in the collection.

You need to feel empowered to do so in order to achieve change. "The way you dress makes you feel," Lucy said. Luke added: "You want people to feel better, better, stronger stronger .That`s our future. That`s our way of doing it." Within the purest frames of his expression, he conveyed this message in bold gestures, from decisive sculpting of coats and skirts to hand-spun dresses with prejudiced bushes, and anchored with charming whips of lace. Up to Large, decorative crystals formed the royal shape.