Athleta provides the power stretch new arrivals

Athleta`s state-of-the-art hiking capsule, called wild at Heart, wants to take you out. The collection is a response to women`s hiking outfits that are just a shrunken version of men`s hiking wear, rather than flattering sleeves with tops, shorts and skirts, charming colors, and functional, high-performance. Clothes UPF 50+ protection for the fact that you will spend a lot of time under the sun this season, and made with durable fabrics made from many recycled materials.

Athleta is a powerhouse women`s brand that can be seen throwing all kinds of clothes out of the park. We`ve tested her workout leggings, swimsuits, workwear, and underwear before, which are so wide that they may surprise buyers who may know Athleta only as a fitness brand. Our latest trial with her hiking pieces confirms that if you are leading any active lifestyle, or want to start guiding her, the athlete is at the top of your list .Must be a one stop shop.

What we really like about hiking outfits is that you don`t have to leave them on for hiking purposes. Yes, Athletes thought about the design of the rocky mountains you will climb, the gurgling rivers you will jump on, and the dusty trails you will travel down, but if you want to wear them to a gym or a normal day. Are Outside, you will feel very comfortable doing this.

That`s exactly what we did with the review pieces from the Wild at Heart Hiking Collection, which includes clothing, jackets and two types of shorts. Other notable products to check out are Excursion Hybrid Tight ($ 30), which is extremely soft, stretchy, and sweat enhancing and Expedition Skort ($ 30), a skirt with built-in shorts on the front as well. There is also a zipper. You have the ultimate flexibility.

This jacket has been in the clutch several times in the last few weeks. It`s perfect for rainy days, but thanks to its UPF protection, it`s the layer I bring with me whenever I go to the park and I know I`m going to be sunbathing for a while. I am It is not very breathable so I do not recommend it for hot days, but if it is a little cold or rainy, it is the best thin layer to protect you from the sun and bad weather. It`s too small in my bag.

If you hike, run or do something that requires elastic range in your legs, these lightweight shorts are for you. The breathable, quick drying fabric is made from recycled polyester and spandex and never goes against your legs. I like that they don`t have an inner briefcase attached because I just like running in my regular underwear, and I like the stationary pocket in the back pocket. Whether you`re walking down a rocky hill and needing your hands free for balance or spinning circuits in a weight room and you`re at risk of leaving your towel behind, you can use it without interrupting your workout .Can be used for storing light jackets and small towels.